$30 OBO - I recently updated my little girls tank so I m selling her old stuff to keep up with her medical bills! Picture includes; 10 gallon reptile tank with a background, lid and lid clamps. 1 brown tank lining, adjustable light stand, water bowl, food bowl, water bowl with a hutch attached and half a bottle cricket food.
Age: At least 9yrs Sex: Remale Size: Approximately. four feet Personality: Rain is docile and easy to handle. She appears in nice health and has no history of illness in the 9 yrs she was with her previous owner. She has a hearty appetite for frozen thawed...
Ramses, Boa Constrictor Age: thirteen years Morph: Normal? Sex: Male Size: Approximately 6 feet Personality: Ramses has not been handled very frequently for the past few years and may have a strong feeding response while in his cage but is docile and calm once out ...
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